Top Places to Eat and Drink in Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland, travelHeading to see the Northern Lights or to relax in the Blue Lagoon  Iceland is a beautiful country, with an interesting history and friendly people. It does however, have a reputation of being expensive which didn’t let me down. Here are some tried and tested recommendations of places to eat and drink in while exploring Reykjavik that either won’t break the bank or I thought were worth the cash. All of the below are in and around the city centre and an easy walk from each other.


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Icelandic Fish & Chips 

A low-mid range place, in easy reach of city centre hotels. The menu displayed kn large blackboards, lets you oick  from a selection of fish which is fried in spelt batter. You can add a side of fluffy crispy potatoes if you like. They also have an interesting range of dips called ‘Skyronnaises’. The mango one was amazing and the coriander was good too. Make sure you finish of with some Skyr for dessert.

Interestingly I just spotted that they are about to open a 2nd place in New York City,


A beautiful place next to the harbour, we went here before our Northern Lights tour as it was short walk from the dock. The tasting menu looked amazing, unfortunatly we had not left enough time so went al carte. Mr Cheese had the best lamb he has every tasted- quite a claim I know! I had seafood and it was achance to try some fish that I hadn’t come across before. Service was lovely. This was most expensive place we ate on this trip.

Laundromat Cafe 

A lonely planet recommendation, this is a hip American Diner style place with lots of posters with funky proclamations. Fun place to stop for lunch and a beer, it is quite touristy to be fair, but the food was good and service friendly. There brunch looked pretty good too.


We found Icelandic beer served everywhere we ate in Reykjavik, I love seeking out the craft beer scene when travelling and tasting the local brew. We found a few bars to keep warm in after dinner, these were our favourite:

Mirco Bar  

A laid back and low key bar in Old Reykjavik, it has an impressive number of craft beers both local drafts and international bottles. They have a beer ‘mini sampler’ which lets you try small glass full of a selection of different beers. Iceland is expensive for beer no escaping that, but the mini-sampler was fun. Mirco Bar has a chilled vibe and we played dominoes while we drank our beers. If you are on a budget you could relax with your pint all night or if you have the cash taste your way around the world from your chair.

Iceland, craft beer, Skuli, bar

Skuli Craft Bar

Another craft beer haven in the city centre. This one took us an age to find, but well worth it. I enjoyed a Brio, an Icelandic Beer. With round wooden tables and old classroom style chairs it has a cosy place to sample beers. I also really liked their glassware.

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  1. Iceland is becoming so accessible, I know a lot of people who have taken advantage of stopovers or other low priced flights. Good to hear that being there is relatively expensive (compared to getting there). The food sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing, I’d love to get up there to try some of your recommendations. #theweeklypostcard

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  2. Thanks for sharing this post. Iceland is on my list for next summer and knowing where to eat and what to expect there comes in very handy. The food seems to be quite good, so that’s good news. #TheWeeklyPostcard


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